Message for Our Investors


Message for Our Investors

Message from Our President

Kenzo Sawai
President, Representative Director

My name is Kenzo Sawai, and I am humbled to introduce myself as the new President and Representative Director.
Since completing my studies in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at graduate school, I have primarily worked in drug development at Sawai Pharmaceutical and at a brand name pharmaceutical company.
Generic drugs are on the cusp of a new age, and I am honored to be assuming the role of President and Representative Director at such an extremely important time.
I am committed to building on the accomplishments of my predecessors, who worked tirelessly to increase the societal and market value of generic drugs.
In the US market, we will use Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC, which we acquired in 2017, to achieve new and greater accomplishments. Working together with all our employees, I will apply my own knowledge and experience in new and generic drug development to build Sawai Pharmaceutical into an energetic and ambitious organization that aggressively challenges itself to take on new markets and new business.

I ask all of our shareholders and investors for your continued support and guidance.

Messages from the Management Team

Mitsuo Sawai
Chairman, Representative Director

Since assuming the position of President in 2008, I have used the ideal of always putting our patients first as a guiding principle to unite all of our employees to achieve corporate growth and meet the expectations of our shareholders.

During this period, in Japan we made numerous investments towards establishing a rock-solid supply structure. This includes the construction of a new Kanto Plant, acquisition of the Kashima Plant, and added new facilities at the Sanda Nishi Plant. We also succeeded in building an R&D structure that enabled us to launch new Sawai exclusive generic drugs each year.

Biosimilars are an emerging market but we view them as having a low success rate so we did not aggressively pursue this segment. We firmly believe we also can achieve success in the US if we apply the strengths of our intellectual property knowledge and capabilities.

Sawai’s new President has vast experience in the US market. As Chairman and Representative Director, I will work hand-in-hand with the new President to continue pursuing growth for our company.

Kazuhiko Sueyoshi
Director, Senior Executive Officer, Senior Vice President of Corporate Administration and Supervisor of Corporate Strategy

We are mobilizing our industry-leading financial resources, expert and diverse talent, cutting-edge IT systems and other forms of management capital in order to instantly respond to changes in the market and other external circumstances. We will continue to take a future-oriented approach in developing as one of Japan's most recognized generic drug manufacturers and overcome the increasingly competitive challenges faced in our industry.

We also promise to maximize profits for our investors and shareholders by delivering stable returns based on the corporate value created as we grow and evolve.

Toru Terashima
Director, Senior Executive Officer, Senior Vice President of Reliability Assurance and General Marketing Compliance Officer

At the Reliability Assurance Division, we are responsible for Quality Assurance, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, Computerized System Validation, Medical Information and Customer Service for medical professionals. As we are committed to always putting the patient first, we do our best each day to infuse Sawai’s medicines with the added value of peace of mind and guarantee the reliability of all information we provide. This is how we believe we can earn and maintain our customers' trust.

Based on this policy, we at Sawai, in collaboration with Upsher-Smith Laboratories, promise to contribute to the health of patients around the world over the next 100 years, just as we have up to now.

Trust in us! Trust in Sawai!

Motohiko Kimura
Senior Executive Officer and Senior Vice President of Manufacturing

Sawai's Manufacturing Division has an annual production capacity of 15.5 billion pills and encompasses seven factories and around 2,100 employees. These employees are passionately dedicated to manufacturing the approximately 700 types of drugs that are delivered to patients around the world each day.

As Japan's leading manufacturer of generic drugs, we make sure to provide patients with affordable, top-quality medications when and where they need them. With this in mind, we continue to work as one to improve quality, lower costs, and ensure a stable supply of the pharmaceuticals we manufacture.

Shoji Yokota
Senior Executive Officer and Senior Vice President of Research & Development

The determined passion and vision and unwavering sense of mission we bring to our work are what drives Sawai's Research & Development.

To be the Sawai Pharmaceutical the world trusts, we pay careful attention to trends in drug usage around the world and make full use of pharmaceutical technology based on the latest scientific advancements to develop products that meet patients' needs with their exceptional quality.

By combining the advanced formulation techniques Sawai has gained over the years in Japan with the experience of our U.S. subsidiary Upsher-Smith Laboratories, we promise to further strengthen and refine our pharmaceuticals and to realize the long-term, internationally-focused development of a wide range of products.

Seiji Nishimura
Corporate Officer and Senior Vice President of Sales

- Always Putting Patients First - These are the words that inspire and inform all our operations. At Sawai, our greatest hope is to provide quality generic drugs to patients around the world so everyone can enjoy a healthier life.

We started as a small pharmacy, but thanks to all of your support, we were able to grow into the organization we are today. Moving forward, we will work to continue bringing smiles to the faces of all our patients through pharmaceuticals.