Our Values

Always Putting Patients First

Everything we do at Sawai is based on this philosophy.

At Sawai, we seek to make the world a better place by dedicating ourselves to producing high-quality generic drugs. “Always Putting Patients First” is the foundation of the philosophy that guides this endeavor. It is the patient who ultimately experiences the effects of a drug. For this reason, our goal is to ensure generic pharmaceuticals are made affordable and available to as many people as possible.
Moving forward, we promise to continue pursuing ever-higher quality in our generic drugs. We believe the cumulative effect of this process will both benefit and advance humanity, society and medicine.

The Sawai Corporate Philosophy sets forth the manner in which Sawai hopes to contribute to the world.
Our Code of Conduct sets forth the actions employees should take to realize Sawai’s Corporate Philosophy, and acts as a guide in the performance of our duties.
Every individual in the Sawai Group, no matter their position, is dedicated to acting in good faith and according to the tenets found in Sawai’s Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct. We hope that by following the principles contained therein, we can respond to the expectations of patients and other stakeholders and honor the trust they have placed in us, while continuing to serve as a company that contributes to society.

Motohiko Kimura
Representative Director, President

Our Values