Quality Policy & Feature
of Each Function


Research & Development

R&D department's mission is to bring generic drugs to the market as soon after the patent expiration or reexamination completion. Also we look for ideas to add value all the time and shape these to our products in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible. This has helped to substantially reduce the medical expenses of the people we serve in Japan.

Our technologies including controlled release technology have played a significant role in ensuring our new products are the first to market, and we now are one of the leading companies in Japan to develop and offer a wide range of generics.

Orally-disintegrating formulations in Sawai have also been pivotal in improving the quality of life of patients who take several medications daily. These unique formulations have proven to be a powerful factor setting us apart from other drug manufacturers, particularly in this industry with aggressive patent strategies and fierce competition over intellectual properties.
We also take a cross-organizational, whole-company approach to investigating a range of consumer issues and apply these findings to improve our products.

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We are dedicated to creating pharmaceutical products that offer advantages such as ease of administration, handling, and dependable availability for both patients and healthcare providers. This commitment is realized through the development and integration of innovative pharmaceutical technologies known as SAWAI HARMOTECH®.

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Message from the Head of R&D

The determined passion and vision and unwavering sense of mission we bring to our work are what drives Sawai's Research & Development.

To be the Sawai Pharmaceutical the world trusts, we pay careful attention to trends in drug usage around the world and make full use of pharmaceutical technology based on the latest scientific advancements to develop products that meet patients' needs with their exceptional quality.

By combining the advanced formulation techniques Sawai has gained over the years in Japan, we promise to further strengthen and refine our pharmaceuticals and to realize the long-term, internationally-focused development of a wide range of products.

Shoji Yokota, Ph.D.


At Sawai, we manufacture well over 800 types of drugs for the Japanese market. Annually, this amounts to more than 10 billion tablets and over 25 million units of liquid medications. In our manufacturing operations, we stand committed both to unsurpassed quality and the sense of mission derived from developing life-saving drugs.

This is made possible by around 2,000 production staff who harness the extensive knowledge and experience built up over the years to achieve industrial production for all approved products in just 1 year and 4 months from the date of application.

Across our supply chain, we also work directly with a large number of stakeholders — our purchasing department alone trades with more than 700 companies. Accordingly, we feel a great sense of responsibility in our relationships with our partners and society, and work to reflect this in all aspects of our operations.

Message from the Head of Manufacturing

Sawai's Manufacturing Division has an annual production capacity of 15.5 billion pills and encompasses six factories and around 2,000 employees. These employees are passionately dedicated to manufacturing the approximately 800 types of drugs that are delivered to patients around the world each day.

As Japan's leading manufacturer of generic drugs, we make sure to provide patients with affordable, top-quality medications when and where they need them. With this in mind, we continue to work as one to improve quality, lower costs, and ensure a stable supply of the pharmaceuticals we manufacture.

Toshiya Hasuo

Quality Control

Japan is considered one of the strictest countries in the world in terms of quality control for pharmaceuticals. To meet the demands of this market, our company is committed to the uncompromising pursuit of quality, placing great importance on managing and guaranteeing our products' performance. At each step of the manufacturing process — from receipt of materials and ingredients to in-process control and final product confirmation — we implement a wide range of tests using in-house standards more rigorous than those nationally required. These strict inspections help ensure the highest level of quality. Even after the product is shipped, we continue to carry out detailed tests on samples stored in our factories as part of our comprehensive system of quality assurance.

At Sawai, we carry a lineup of over 300 compounds with 800 strengths. We actively invest in the latest equipment and facilities in order to ensure the highest level of quality.

We also audit and direct to improve manufacturing operations at both our company’s factories and those of our partners. This includes overseeing everything from the preparation of raw materials and drug formulations to packaging and distribution for the around 500 companies we audit. By committing to strict and comprehensive oversight on all of these processes we are able to ship products, confident in the level of their quality.

Message from the Head of Reliability Assurance

At the Reliability Assurance Division, we are responsible for Quality Assurance, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, Computerized System Validation, Medical Information and Customer Service for medical professionals. As we are committed to always putting the patient first, we do our best each day to infuse Sawai's medicines with the added value of peace of mind and guarantee the reliability of all information we provide. This is how we believe we can earn and maintain our customers' trust.

Based on this policy, we at Sawai promise to contribute to the health of patients around the world over the next 100 years, just as we have up to now.

Trust in us! Trust in Sawai!

Toshiomi Nakate

Information Provision

One of our responsibilities as a Japanese generic drugs manufacturer is to provide essential information to medical personnel via our medical representatives.
Today, only a few generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in Japan make more than 300 types of drugs. As a leader in the industry, we offer an expansive product lineup, covering approximately 800 items. Consequently, the amount of information we must provide is correspondingly vast, requiring appropriate measures for proper compliance.

For example, in Japan many generic drug products go on sale after receiving added value, like changing the dosage form, by altering their formulations. When selling these types of drugs, we make sure to first explain the drug's features to the relevant medical institutions.
At Sawai, we are recognized for our ability to provide extensive quantitative and qualitative information and make sure to deliver the right information at the right place and time to the people we serve. This may include information on the side effects of existing products or providing information on testing methods and the test results of our products, as well as special briefings when government policies and systems are updated.

To ensure faster responses to inquiries from medical facilities, we have set up a medical information center operated by pharmacists 24 hours a day. Our website for medical personnel also contains useful information for those working in the health care industry and offers immediate access to a rich compendium of data on our products.
We even provide a toll-free number dedicated to patient support, so we can more flexibly respond to inquiries and questions regarding medications.

Message from the Head of Sales

- Always Putting Patients First - These are the words that inspire and inform all our operations. At Sawai, our greatest hope is to provide quality generic drugs to patients around the world so everyone can enjoy a healthier life.

We started as a small pharmacy, but thanks to all of your support, we were able to grow into the organization we are today. Moving forward, we will work to continue bringing smiles to the faces of all our patients through pharmaceuticals.

Seiji Nishimura