Message from the Committee Chair for Sustainability Initiatives

Sawai is helping realize a sustainable society through its contributions to the development of a superior healthcare system under the corporate philosophy, "Always Putting Patients First."

As a leading company in our industry, Sawai Pharmaceutical contributes to society by developing, manufacturing, and selling generic pharmaceuticals that are critical to the public. For many years we have worked to reduce the medical expense burden on patients, as well as national healthcare spending, by promoting the dissemination of generic pharmaceuticals. At the same time, we work to contribute to the quality of medical care by maintaining and improving the quality of our products and by ensuring a stable supply. Sawai believes that by engaging in our business activities we are making contributions to society, and that our corporate social responsibility lies in continuing to provide a stable supply of high-quality, low-cost generic pharmaceuticals.

We also believe that our social responsibilities increase as we achieve continued growth of our generic pharmaceuticals business. As our impact on our stakeholders, local communities, and the global environment increases, we must look beyond our corporate philosophy of always putting our patients first. We must think and act from the perspective of an institution that exists for society. As such, we must evaluate the responsibilities we bear as a corporation as it relates to all our business processes, and we must embrace a level of action that reflects our impact on society. And, of course, we must ensure that we are engaging in long-term, sustainable action.

We ask all Sawai Pharmaceutical stakeholders for your continued understanding and support of our sustainability initiatives.