Message from the Committee Chair for Sustainability Initiatives

Sawai is helping realize a sustainable society through its contributions to sustainability efforts and support in developing a superior healthcare system under the corporate philosophy, "Always Putting Patients First."

Since our foundation as a pharmacy in 1929, Sawai has transformed into a manufacturer of OTC pharmaceutical products in order to better meet the needs of society. With the government's introduction of a national health insurance system, Sawai has become a leading company in the generic drugs industry by continually evolving as an ethical pharmaceutical maker.
Due to Japan's rapidly aging society, medical costs continue to rise and remain a serious societal issue. To address this, we have devoted ourselves to promoting and popularizing generic drugs and have diligently worked to reduce the financial burden imposed upon patients, while improving convenience as a specialized manufacturer of generic drugs. Recently, we estimated that we have helped lower medical care costs by approximately 273 billion yen across Japan. We promise to continue working toward creating a sustainable society for all by fulfilling our CSR objectives in all our business activities and processes.
We hope that you, our stakeholders, will continue to support our company on this journey.