Our Approach
Human Rights
and Labor Practices


Based on the belief that "the personality and ability of our employees are the greatest assets of our company," we have worked to construct a safe and comfortable work environment that places prime importance on human rights and the mental and physical wellbeing of our employees.

Protecting Human Rights

Preventing and Eradicating Harassment

We continue to make efforts to prevent and eradicate both sexual harassment and power harassment by setting up a consultation window, in addition to implementing training about these issues.

Employment of People with Disabilities

We employ people with disabilities at a higher rate than what is legally mandated and make sure they enjoy a workplace that is both safe and rewarding.

Clinical Testing (Bioequivalence test)

The Sawai Pharmaceutical Institutional Review Board carefully deliberates the ethical nature and scientific acceptability of a testing regimen before implementation. When conducting a test, we obtain the willing consent of the trial subject, while simultaneously monitoring and enforcing strict compliance with GCP in order to protect the human rights of the trial subjects.

Improving Work Environments

Our Employee Healthcare System

We are actively engaged in promoting employee health and healthcare initiatives. We also make efforts to prevent overwork and improve our work environments by assigning industrial doctors and health nurses to each business location.

Enhancing Employee Work-life Balance

Sawai Pharmaceutical realizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Accordingly, we strive to enhance our employees' professional and private lives by offering various styles of work, including the partial adoption of a flextime system matched to the features of each workplace. We also offer contract and part-time employment and have introduced an area-staff system that eliminates personnel relocation and the need to move for work.

Childcare/work Support and Promotion of Nursing Care

We are focused on building a comfortable work environment that addresses the many stages employees face in their lives. As part of this, we have adopted a child-rearing leave system and flextime system for employees with kids. We have also established and maintained various corporate systems that go beyond the legally mandated requirements, such as leave for nursing that allows employees to take off up to one year of work.

Support Measures for Reinstating Employees Suffering from Mental Health Disorders

We have set up a reinstatement support program to provide personalized workforce reintegration of employees in collaboration with their personal medical care provider and industry doctors and nurses.

Measures for Employee Retention

We have set up a variety of measures to help retain and reward employees. These include length-of-service awards, a re-employment system and a cafeteria plan (as part of our benefit program) among others.

Utilizing and Developing Diverse Human Resources

Utilizing Diverse Human Resources

We work hard to create and maintain an inclusive company environment and personnel system that allow women to play an active role in the workplace in line with the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace. We also actively employ and integrate foreign-born and non-Japanese workers.

>>Disclosure based on the act

Promoting Individual Career Development

We formulate human resource development plans according to one's rank and department and assign positions and jobs best matched to the abilities and qualifications of the employee.

Actively Cultivating Human Resources and Employee Skills, while Supporting Career Development

Sawai Pharmaceutical provides training to employees according to their respective rank to help support and build their current skills. For example, we provide primary employee training to develop the talents of younger employees in their late 20s. For mid-level employees in their 30s, we offer graded training for developing the mindset and skills required for the future recruitment of management level employees. We also conduct newly-appointed managerial staff training for management-level employees looking to re-affirm their managerial staff obligations and discharge other responsibilities. Subordinate management training and evaluator training, among others, are offered as well. We have even established a study abroad system in addition to support programs for taking various examinations and obtaining new qualifications, such as the MR Qualification Test.